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Axe throwing is great for groups!

axe throwing
team building
Company events
Bridgeport, WV

Company Events like no other!

Looking for a fun and different company event in Bridgeport?

Tired of the same old company event? Axe throwing at Hillbilly Hatchets will have everyone whoopin’ and a hollerin’! Hold the most talked about event of the year! Axe throwing is perfect for everyone in the company!

Fun for Everyone

Thanks to our easy-to-stick end grain targets, everyone at your Bridgeport company event can stick an axe, not just throw it! Axe throwing will have them happier than a tick on a coon dog!

Team Building

Axe throwing at Hillbilly Hatchets is a great team building event! Hone those team building skills or just come throw axes as a fun company outing. 

Any size Group

We have eight lanes that hold up to six throwers each, so whether your group is large or small, we can take care of you! Want the place to yourself? Rent the whole shootin’ match!

safest axe throwing
in these hills

The only axe throwing in Bridgeport that uses patent-pending anti-bounce borders - no axes bouncing back at you at Hillbilly Hatchets. We don't want any axe-idents!

unique games

Want to change it up? We have projected targets and games like tic-tac-toe and zombies! And digital scoring!

Got a co-worker too big for his britches? Bring him down a notch by out-throwing him!

Need to release some workplace stress? Toss an axe!

Looking for Axe Throwing In Bridgeport, WV?

Mosey on over to Hillbilly Hatchets in Bridgeport, WV!  We have eight lanes with exciting projected targets and games – and digital scoring! Axe throwing got ya parched? Quench your thirst at our bar. Hillbilly Hatchets is the best place in these hills for axe throwing fun and entertainment!